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Distributed Memory Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) Library

The aim of this BoF is to discuss the current state of the art on FFT applications and implementations as well as benchmark suite for FFTs. To allow for comparisons of different Fourier transform libraries, in a previous venue, the FFT developers discussed the possibility of having a common test case study and what would be a good way to benchmark FFT. At other venues, speakers highlighted existing or potential bottlenecks in the different FFT packages and proposed how to overcome them. Presentations will be made available at which already contains presentations of previous viewpoints on the FFT. Thereon, this BoF is a third meeting of its kind after two previous ones. The first, SC'17 BoF, have addressed an FFT package comparison where developers of a number of these packages gave feedback on the FFT software they had published. The second venue BoF at ISC'18 have discussed what can be achieved for FFT in the Exsascale era.

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Event date 11th May 9-11 am Pacific US time.

Speakers Affiliation Presentation
Giulia Guidi University of California at Berkeley & Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, CA, USA Slides
Andreas Jocksch CSCS, Switzerland Slides
Alan Ayala University of Tennessee, USA
Jeff Hammond NVIDIA, USA Slides
Dmitrii Tolmachev ETH Z├╝rich, Switzerland Slides

Participants Affiliation
Samar Aseeri King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, SA
Benson K. Muite Kichakato Kizito, Kenya
Stanimire Tomov University of Tennessee, USA