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The Fast Fourier Transforms: Benchmarks and Applications (Proposal)

The aim of this workshop is to discuss the current state of the art on FFT applications and implementations and to decide on a benchmark suite for FFTs. To allow for comparisons of different Fourier transform libraries, in a previous venue, the FFT developers discussed the possibility of having a common test case study and what would be a good way to benchmark FFT. At other venues, speakers highlighted existing or potential bottlenecks in the different FFT packages and proposed how to overcome them. This session will gather both users and developers to discuss future prospects for FFT. See

We aim end meetings at this venue by mid 2019.

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Organizers Affiliation
Samar Aseeri King Abdullah University of Science and Technology
Jens Henrik Göbbert Jülich Supercomputing Center
Daisuke Takahashi University of Tsukuba
Benson Muite University of Tartu

Speakers Talk Type Talk Title
David H. Bailey Keynote Fast Fourier transforms: Past, present and future
Andreas Jockcsh Invited FFTs for Fourier filters in gyrokinetic plasma physics applications
Markus Püschel Invited FFTs on FPGAs
Ashwin Vishnu Mohanan Invited FluidFFT: common API (C++ and Python) for Fast Fourier Transform HPC libraries
Stanimire Tomov Invited Accelerating FFT for heterogenous exascale systems
XXXXX Contributed